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Day 1 - May 23rd 2009

sunny 29 °C
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Cannes. We arrived at the Cannes station keen to explore the notoriously overpriced Cote d’Azur region. Plenty of cheap eats around the station but that is about where it stopped.

Novotel. We treated ourselves to a couple of nights at the Novotel Cannes Montefleury which included transfers. Nice to be picked up after lugging suitcases on and off the train. Even nicer not having to pay for a taxi. Hotel was extremely inviting and it had a gym and pool!

Hot. Much hotter down south. In Paris we had to put another layer on at night. Don’t think we’ll need to do that here. Humid too but perfect weather. Looking forward to hitting the pool.

Vic hit the shops and I hit the gym and pool. I think we both got what we wanted. So peaceful and exactly what we needed after the frantic pace of Paris.

Cannes Film Festival. We knew it was on around the time we were in Cannes but had no idea it would be current when we arrived. We didn’t even look into it. The only reason we stayed in Cannes was for the Monaco Grand Prix. You beauty and what a sight. People everywhere. Enough silicon to float the QE2 and enough collagen and botox to make Queen Elizabeth look young. The red carpet ceremony welcoming (or farewelling) the big stars of Hollywood was on tonight. Pure coincidence and good fortune. The Paparazzi were out in full force. Felt a little sorry for the plastic celebs.


Cannes sidewalk. Fringe festival-esque. Carny types everywhere. We watched a breakdancing posse bust a move and they were probably the best I have seen. Plenty of circus freaks and musicians about. Quite the spectacle. Lots on offer to entertain the masses.



Spread. I had visited the supermarket earlier in the day to buy a comprehensive spread of cheeses and cold cuts. Great little dinner complimented by a six pack of Kronenberg to wash it all down.


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Day 1 - May 24th 2009

sunny 31 °C
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Train. The train ride from Cannes to Monaco was sensational. Plenty to look at within the hour of travel. We knew we were building up to something special.


Monaco. Could anything have been more beautiful than Paris? Well, maybe. This place was amazing and only for the exclusive. I am glad there was a heap of rev head hoons along for the journey so we didn’t feel entirely out of place.




Formula One. I had been planning this for months and it all fell into place. We arrived at the circuit, did some souvenir shopping and enjoyed a couple of severely overpriced beers before heading to our allocated area. Once we were admitted, it didn’t really feel like we were inside. In Adelaide and Melbourne, you felt like you were part of the action as there was a distinct separation (in the form of cyclone fencing) between you and the rest of the general population. Not exactly the case here. Yes, you were not allowed in without a ticket but there was no fencing. We weren‘t too happy to begin with but fortunately slotted into seats on a stone wall overlooking three corners. Superb. The best view I have had in any GP. Not to mention the amazing views of the coast, city and Marina. What an experience! I’m still filled with excitement writing this. The photos will tell the story.



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Day 2 - May 24th 2009

sunny 30 °C
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Police man. It is either that Vicki has a thing for policemen or they have a thing for her. This guy ignored his duties (and me) and spent his time chatting Vic up. They exchanged email addresses. That and the photo I offered to take of he and Vic made his day. He shook my hand (whilst looking Vicki in the eye) and we went our own separate ways. Back off Frenchie!


Cannes Film festival. More red carpet action. Apparently the stars board their yachts tonight. We checked out a bit of the peepshow then went for a walk. We found an amazing little strip of restaurants. Again quite exclusive but very nice all the same.


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Day 3 - May 25th 2009

sunny 30 °C
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Checked out at 1pm and it felt great. I again hit the gym and pool (after checking out) and Vic hit the shops. Boobs everywhere. The French like to show a bit if titty and poolside in a hotel is no exception. Who am I to complain?


Fight. We headed to the train station to make our way to Avignon. We wanted to book train tickets to our next destination and had to line up for 45 minutes (a common story in the French railway) to do so. Anyway, we were finally called forward. “Parlez-vous Anglais?” “Non Monsieur, next counter.” We approached the next guy and he just started yelling “Fermez, Fermez, Fermez!” Vicki erupted and yelled: “What do we do then? Do you have an alternative? Where is your Manager?” They screamed at each other for a bit before security sorted it out. It didn’t come to mind at the time but I should have yelled "Fermez la bouche!" Still kicking myself for missing that opportunity but Vicki held her own without the need for my assistance.

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Day 1 - May 25th 2009

sunny 22 °C
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Train. Talk about comfort and we even packed ourselves a picnic lunch.


Wall. The town/city of Avignon was surrounded by a medieval wall. Really quite impressive. Plenty of watch towers along the length of it and the wall ran full circle. We took a taxi back to the hotel and ended the night there. We’ll explore tomorrow.

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